Società Agricola Ager Oliva

About Us

The Ager Oliva Start-Up was born in 2020 from the idea of a young Tuscan guy from Pistoia, graduated in Buisiness in Florence, born in 1990 and passionated of agricolture since his grandfather taught him at 10 years to make the vegetable garden, the olive oil and caring and respect the environment sorrounded him. Ager Oliva is the unique platform the let you adopting or gifting an abandoned olive tree in Tuscany, receiving 2 liters of extravergin and biodinamic olive oil, knowing the exact position of the field and the number of the plant. You can go to visit it whenever you want. The challenge for the 2021 is saving 1300 abandoned olive trees, recovering and bringing back in production one surface of 4,5 hectars, which we would love to win with your support. Adopt a piece of Tuscany.