Società Agricola Ager Oliva

Our Mission

Ager Oliva was born with the mission of giving new life to the 4 millions of abandoned olive trees in Tuscany and keep caring for them in the next years. What you can do for the environment and the plants: 1) Adopt an olive tree at distance and receive at home your olive oil coming from the adopted tree. You also receive the Certificate of Adoption with your name. 2) Gift an olive tree to a special person and this will receive his/her olive oil from Tuscany at home. Who makes the payment receive the Certificate of Adoption with his/her name and the one of the gifted person. The recovering phases: 1) Cut of the blackthorns and of the high grass in the field. 2) Manuring of the field. 3) Pruning of the trees to give them back their best shape. 4) Copper and lime treatments to disinfect the trees. 5) Organic treatments to anti flies when and if necessary. 6) Olives harvest with mechanical means and following transportation of them to the selected miller for the production of the olive oil. 7) Cold pressing of the olives within 24 hours from the harvest and immediate filtering of the olive oil in the following 24hs. 8) Storage of the olive oil in the steel vats till the bottling. 9) Arrangement and modelation of the field ditches.